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TBCJ is the acronym for: The Best Construction Jobs. That is our niche. There are plenty of sites out there that help people find cheap labor or non-construction jobs. The employers using our site are required to offer a minimum of $25 per hour, with many of them offering jobs over $100,000 a year. We specialize in matching skilled tradesman with high paying construction careers, not just jobs.

Are you tired of your current job? Are you not paid enough for your craftsmanship, common sense and reliability? We have companies that appreciate those skills & traits and are willing to pay top dollar to those individuals. Filling out an application is free to you. The contractor pays the fee.

Our job is to screen out unqualified, unreliable and unpresentable applicants. If you have never worked with your hands before, your appearance is sloppy and unprofessional , or have a criminal history, suspended license or no desire to work full time, this site is not for you. However, if none of the above describes you, we have a current high paying career waiting for your application. We’ll let you know within 24 hours if you qualify for a job interview.

Need to know if you qualify right away? You can call us at
800-484-3050 between 8am – 5pm and we’ll let you know within 10 minutes.

Stop working for less. Click on the application tab and let’s see what companies are willing to pay you what you’re worth.