TBCJ is the acronym for: The Best Construction Jobs. There are plenty of other sites you can use if you’re just looking for cheap labor or temporary employees. We specialize in providing qualified, reliable and presentable employees who can work with their hands.

Are you tired of wasting your time with unqualified applicants with no common sense? Are you willing to pay for quality? If you have a position that offers at least $25 an hour and is steady, then we probably have the perfect candidate for you.

The cost is only $100 per applicant if you agree to the interview. On the job offer form you will be asked to provide proof of at least 5 others in this current position making at least $25 an hour for at least a 2 year period. We accept 1099 and W-2 forms as proof.

Click on the Job Offer tab and let’s find you your next highly qualified employee.